Pros of Dogs in the Workplace

Wouldn’t you feel great if you saw this happy face at work every day?

I know we do!

There are several benefits by allowing employees to bring their dogs to work. One of them is that it can help us reduce stress and also improve the workplace morale and employee satisfaction. This would also be a good financial benefit for employees since doggy daycare can be really expensive.

By allowing dogs in the office, you could also increase a customer’s perception of your company. A dog can help a customer or in our case a candidate to relax and feel more comfortable.

Teresa Marzolph said that bringing your pet to work makes the office feel more like home for many, which promotes healthy work-life balance. Employees likely won’t view the workplace as a stressful environment, but rather as a home away from home.

Since dogs require time and attention they can also help you promote healthy pauses in stressful times.


Stockholm 2019-11-07