For employees and leaders – Make it work when working from home

Working from home may at first sound very comfortable, but many of us soon realize that it has some disadvantages. Here are some tips on how to make it work when working from home, as an employee and as a leader.

As an employee and leader I would suggest to stick to your normal routines. Make your bed, shower and get dressed as usual. This will help your mind go into work mode instead of staying in a ”relax at home” mode. Another important thing is to decide a specific place in your home that will be your working space, I suggest a desk or your kitchen table. If you use a laptop you can put it on a pile of  books to avoid getting neck problems. The couch or your bed is not a good place to work, since this is the place where you should relax and recover from stress. Keep these boundaries, it will help you maintain a work-life balance.

For many, loneliness is evident when working from home. Counteract this by keeping the communication as much as possible during the day via email, zoom, phone, etc. it makes you feel less isolated and keeps the team spirit.

For leaders, a top tip is having a brief with the team every morning. How did the work go yesterday? Does anyone need help with anything? What will everyone be working on today? This routine helps create a structured day and prevent the feeling of isolation to grow. As a leader, you also have the opportunity to set clear expectations of what employees are expected to achieve during the day.


Stockholm 2020-07-23

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