From computers and digital transformation to human relations – HR and people are the future!

Are retail and fashion as we know it dying?

Over the last couple of years many of CIP´s clients have developed skills within digital transformation, omni-channel strategies, innovation and online sales. They have also become more supply-chain driven and efficient in general as a response to the ongoing transformation of the industry. These digital systems and strategies have been a welcomed lifeline in the chaotic and confusing time for the retail industry.

Is and fashion as we know it dead? And are businesses focusing on environmental beliefs and values, personal health, smart food and green production taking its place? Or is it just the physical retail stores, as we know them, who are dying? Will e-commerce/online sales take over and leave the shopping malls with training centers, restaurants and events rather than fashion- and other retailers?

No one really knows, only time will tell. As for now, all we know is that this is a confusing time and a lot of retailers foresee a disaster with bankruptcies and bad business.

For a long time, these topics have been discussed during our client- and candidate meetings and then suddenly came corona, covid19, out of the blue. Retailers that were already hurting quickly went over the edge and filed for bankruptcy. Everyone working from home, some who had not yet started their digital journey at all, registered for Zoom, Teams and/or Skype and became digital within days, some even hours.

Have we been fooling ourselves with the digital transformation?

In the digital life that we have gotten used to during Corona, the longing for human contact and real service is growing. All of a sudden, the human touch, a simple hug, a nice smile or friendly eyes looking at you is gone. The feelings are gone and what’s left is a machine, a technical bad connection, technical issues, or even just a smooth digital experience just lacking the personal touch.

Have we been fooling ourselves with the digital transformation? Did we just discover we can´t exist happily without human contact?

Computers, digital strategies and systems are all good tools for a more efficient world, but is it enough when it comes to our happiness and existence? Or is it just cold tools complementing our physical world? How fun was the dinner party over teams? Maybe we all enjoyed it the first time around because we saw it as a new experience and a happening, and we all knew that we would meet up in person soon.

We are human beings and we need real people’s warmth and love. We are not cold computers only dependent on efficiency and perfect settings. Maybe that is what Corona came to tell us? Maybe Corona woke us up?  

People is the new black and back in fashion!!

We are all one, we are all connected to one another and we all need each other.  Who saves lives during Corona? People do. People with certain special skills. Heroes. People who knows how to use the machines, the equipment and the respirators the correct way. People who are willing to risk their own lives for others. People who makes a difference.

People are the future!

More power to the people!

How do we save the world, the economy, the companies and ultimately ourselves? Well, Corona has shown us that when it comes down to it – people are what counts. This needs to be applied in all aspects of life as we slowly go back to normal, or rather to the new normal. Every industry, every business needs their own heroes. So how do we get these heroes, these people, to work for us? And how do we keep them? These are the next centuries biggest questions and it is what CIP as a headhunting firm will focus on 100% – how the get the right people at the right time to the right place.

All companies should focus on attracting people and become a desired employer, they then need to inspire and motivate them enough to stay and develop within the company. Employer branding has never been more essential. HR and employer branding are given a major spot on the big scene for the next couple of years to come. HR is power and here to stay!


Stockholm 2020-05-14

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