Writing a professional CV

There are many different opinions on how to write the ideal CV, these are my tips on how you can write a simple and professional CV:


A short profile description that summarizes your main competence, experience and future career goal, is a great way to quickly give the reader a clear picture of you as a professional (this is not a Cover Letter, the profile should only be a few sentences).

Work experience:

Describe your work experience in chronological order, with the most recent work at the top. Write your title, company name, location, dates you worked, main tasks, responsibilities and results. Keep it short and concise.


Describe your education in the same way as the work experience above, with University name, degree and dates. You can also add shorter and internal courses, if it is relevant to the job you are looking for.


You want to keep it simple and professional, but you can easily make it a little bit more interesting by changing the font, adding lines a different style to the headlines, or even some color.

Picture, or not?

Using a picture or not is a debated question, even my colleagues and I have different opinions about this. Your looks should never be relevant in a professional recruitment. However, a picture reinforces the personal aspect and can make your profile easier to remember for a recruiter. If you do choose to have a picture, make sure it is professional and not a vacation-selfie.

Update and change it:

Keep updating and changing your resume as your job situation changes. I also recommend customizing your CV depending on the role and company you are sending it to. Highlight what is relevant for the position, and take away what is not.

Good luck with your resume!


Stockholm 2020-03-03

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