Going back to the office, post Covid-19

Today we hear many discussions about how to work from home. We also hear people saying that we will probably be working more from home in the future to handle the work- Life balance. Many people have, during this pandemic realized that working from home actually works good. Even though we have now realized that we can be more flexible and that everyone doesn’t have to be at the office every day, let’s admit that there is no replacement for a physical workplace. Being at the office makes it easier for the employees to talk about new ideas, cooperate on different project and to socialize.

So the next question after the pandemic is over is; how do we get people to get back to the office? After months of having all the comfort of being at home, being able to walk around in your pyjamas, and to have no commute at all. The home office has many benefits. I think that to be able to compete with the home office in the future we have to modernize our offices. Many big tech companies like google have already started to modernize their offices to attract the best competences. They offer things like an office gym with swimming pool, pool tables, videogames, great food and much more. 

Do you think these kind of modern offices will be the future? Do we need this to get people back to the office? What do you think?


Stockholm 2020-08-20

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