How to connect with recruiters and not get lost in the crowd

As an aftermath of the turbulent labor market during the recent months, there is a hefty increase in candidates looking for new opportunities for various reasons. Many candidates also look to connect with recruiters to introduce themselves for future opportunities.  Quite a few experience disappointment when being turned down for open interviews for lack of time or no fitting job opportunities at the moment.  Here are some tips on how to connect to recruiters for future possibilities:

  • As recruiters, we want to get to know you as much as you want us to get to know you. Who knows when the next opportunity that fits you like a glove will turn up, it might be right around the corner! Time is often of shortage though, so bear with us as we balance our calendars between ongoing processes and open interviews.
  • Take some time and think through what your next role or direction should be based on your motivation, skills and aim for the future. Especially if you want to do “something different” as many do in times of change. Then you can present yourself, your goals and your profile more clearly – and subsequently also become a more interesting candidate. We can absolutely help you to sort out your thoughts, but we can’t do the job for you.
  • Register your CV in our database. This is not a black hole where your CV disappears never to be seen again. It’s our primary tool which we use on a daily basis when looking for the best candidates for each position. So it’s time well spent to get in there where we will be sure to find you.

So with this said, we look forward to see you around!

Author: Monica Lönnbom

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