Meet Anna Mindelöf, CHRO – Global Head of HR & IC, Fenix Outdoor Group

Company: Fenix Outdoor group – consists of Fjällräven, Primus, Tierra, Brunton, Royal Robbins and the retail organization with Naturkompaniet, Partioaitta, Globetrotter and Friluftland.

Turnover: SEK 6,5 Billion

Employees: 2700 worldwide

Hi Anna, can you tell us a little about the HR work at Fenix Outdoor and your cooperation with external recruitment partners?

Absolutely, I have been at Fenix Outdoor two years now. When I first arrived at the company, we had many independent HR silos in each country. Since then we have reorganized our HR and installed a Global center of Expertise serving the local entities. The COE consists of

  • Learning
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Leadership & Learning
  • Internal Communication

We are having offices and activities in +20 countries all over the world, the German market and the US are except the Nordics the biggest markets. During 2021 we have turned all external recruitments into a professional TA unit – with internal Recruiters and TA specialists. For executive positions and for specialist positions where talent is scarce we sometimes need to use external Executive search companies or Recruiters.

Considering the shift from external to internal recruiting, how does an external partner fit into your HR organization?

Even though we recruit more internally now we need a good recruitment partner for executive roles and other specialist roles where it is more challenging to find the right person in a timely manner. In these processes, CIP global executive search is a great and reliable partner.

CIP has an international reach, a good understanding of our markets and good connections in the industry. We also appreciate their commitment, their flexibility and their susceptibility for feedback, which allows us to further strengthen the already great relationship and collaboration for the future.

Thanks Anna, this makes us extremely happy to hear and we are looking forward to keep working with you!

The CIP team

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