Global Executive Search and Online Searches

For CIP the initial stage of recruitment is essential to understand the customer’s needs, business focus and strategic objectives. Only then is it possible to provide the maximum value by presenting candidates in line with the customer’s operations and requirements. CIP seeks the best possible solutions, which give customers the highest quality candidate as well as a high return on their investment.

Throughout the entire recruitment process the customer is continuously updated on the status of their candidate search.  For our search CIP may use one or all of a number of local, national or international databases to achieve maximum reach in the search. Our primary geographic areas of operation are:

  • Sweden/Scandinavia
  • Europe
  • East Asia
  • USA/Australia.

After the signing of a recruitment contract CIP prepares a company description, job profile and role description. Then we begin the recruitment process, which normally takes 6-8 weeks. Hereafter selected candidates are presented to the customer at which time, the client then determines which of the candidates best match with respect to their intersection of personality and personal chemistry with the company culture and working environment.

A recruitment assignment performed by CIP is considered completed when the selected candidate has signed the agreement and the customer is satisfied and not before. In addition, CIP always provides a 6 month warranty on a recruitment process with full executive search privileges.  This means that if, for whatever reason, the candidate himself or the customer is not satisfied with the placement AND the employment contract is terminated within 6 months of the date the employment contract is signed, CIP will provide a new recruitment process with new candidates at no additional cost.

In addition to our standard full-service Executive Recruitment, CIP also offers an Online Search, which is a pure database search of candidates. This reduced search form does not provide the same level of recruitment management, service, depth interviews or warranty compared to the standard recruitment process. An online search is therefore conducted for a much lower fee and is suggested when budgetary limitations are the customer’s leading consideration.

CIP is also more than happy to provide customers with tailored recruitment solutions that fit them best and as always considers a mission accomplished only when the customer is satisfied.