Leadership Assessment

Assessing goal-oriented leaders with the ability to deliver results is an important part of CIP’s service.  Leadership Assessment is particularly useful when there is a complete leadership change and/or when a company undergoes a major change in direction.

CIP helps to identify both individual and group strengths in business to ensure that future talent fits each company’s culture and strategy.

The goal with leadership qualification is to guide the client in their achievement of short-term, long-term and overall strategic objectives, “the right leader at the right time in the right place”.

Included in the Leadership Assessment process, CIP analyzes and identifies those individuals within the company who are prepared to “go the extra mile” and those who are underperforming.

CIP provides our clients with guidance on:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Reconstructions
  • IPOs
  • Leadership and/or organizational changes
  • Succession planning
  • Renewal or amendment of the company’s core values
  • Global expansion, International preparations

CIP Leadership Assessment is usually adapted to the customer’s needs for matching talent with the right position within the company. This function can also be used as an annual evaluation of the existing leadership. The model takes into account: visionary strength, analytical strength, relationship skills and overall executive strength – foundation for a strong and successful leadership.