Tips and Tricks in the recruitment process – for the candidate

  • Prepare by reading and understanding the job description before the interview. To come unprepared for an interview gives a disinterested, sloppy and generally negative first impression. 
  • Visit the company website/platform and prepare questions and an eventual discussion.
  • Never go around a recruiter and contact the customer directly. More often than not this practice backfires. The customer has purposely made an effort to enlist the help of a recruiter which should always be respected. 
  • Avoid unnecessary or overly negative comments about your current or previous employer. Such remarks tend to be perceived as bitter and can raise questions about loyalty among other things. 
  • Write an easy-to-read cv/resumé. Briefly describe your responsibilities and specific achievements for each job experience. Avoid sending in your CV only mentioning a job title and company. Responsibilities vary within job titles and across industries and your key competences may be overlooked. 
  • Be transparent and honest!


Stockholm 2019-03-07

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