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CIP has had the opportunity to register candidates’ video cv/resumés since 2016, as a complement to the regular CV/resumé system. Since this is still quit, a new phenomenon CIP mostly uses them for top5 presentations to our customers, as a complement to traditional paper cv/resume presentations.

What is a Video cv/resume and why use it?

A Video cv/resumé is a short movie whereas the candidate presents themselves in a video of 60 seconds, answering 3 standard questions. Who are you? name, age, family short description. What is your current job title and name of the company you work for? Please mention one good side and one side for improvement in your personaliy.

This is just for the viewer/customer to make a very quick decision who this candidate is, personality, open-closed, loud or quiet, speaks before thinking-analyzing before answering etc. In 60 seconds, one tends to tell more than one thinks in a video. Are you outspoken and spontaneous, strict and keep to a script, looking down in a paper or looking into the camera and gesturing a lot?  Of course, we cannot tell a person’s personality in 60 seconds, but we can get insight into what “type” of person we are dealing with. This by using more senses than just our eyes reading about the person. Watching and at the same time as listening enhances a person’s attributes and is much stronger than words on just a piece of paper. 

How to register?

Use your iPhone and shoot a 60 second video, answering the 3 questions CIP has on its webpage, under Video CV/Resumé. Then follow the instructions on CIP webpage how to download it online. Very simple and easy do shoot.

Future digital trend?

Everything is turning more digital and efficient, as is the cv registering and our customer’s way of selecting candidates to meet. Time is precious for everyone, both customers and candidates. To make a quick first impression becomes more important at an early stage. If you like what you see in a 60 second video you can move on asking for more details as a customer. Of course you need to meet and have a one-on-one interview with references and tests in the end, but most likely you save a lot of time and effort starting with a first impression rather than a detailed cv/resumé. It happens sometime you fall for the cv/resumé and then the person shows and everything fall apart. The personalities don´t “click” or “go” with each other and both the candidate and the customer get disappointed since they put effort and time into the process before sensing this. Using a video cv/resumé give you as the customer a hint if you are going to like this person or not in the end and instead make you curious enough to go deeper and figure out the rest from a cv/resumé. Is the video cv/resumé the future for cv registering? Yes indeed, but most likely as a complement to a regular, more deeper cv/resumé in a more traditional way. It is more of an efficient way to speed up the process and to use more senses than one for finding the right candidate for the job.


Stockholm 2019-02-14

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