Robot Interviews

Today everything around us is becoming digitalized, this includes the recruitment processes. For example, at CIP global executive search we offer candidates the opportunity to send us a video CV instead of or as a compliment to the regular written CV.

Another digitalization of the recruitment process is that some companies have started to experiment with robots by letting them conduct interviews. The main reason to let robots interview candidates is to create an objective interview process, free from prejudice and biases. Recruiters talk a lot about the importance of competence based recruitment processes to avoid being biased. Unfortunately, for people, it is difficult to be one hundred percent free from prejudice even when are aware of the issue. This can lead to unfair evaluations of candidates and consequently companies may lose valuable competence.

The robots will interview everyone with the same competence based questions. The robots will also treat everyone the same and they will not affect the candidates with facial expressions or body language. At the same time, the candidates can focus more on the interview itself because they do not have to think about being polite and social or to get the interviewer to like them.

Another benefit of letting robots conduct interviews is that recruiters can save a lot of time. This time can then be used to interview more candidates, at least if the robots are used as a tool in the first selection of candidates.

Studies show that some people think it is easier to be honest when being interviewed by a robot. On the other hand, some people think that an interview conducted by a robot would feel weird and uncomfortable. However, this might just be something we all have to get used to.

How would you feel if a robot conducted your next job interview?


Stockholm 2019-12-10

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