5 easy ways to optimize your Company LinkedIn page

We have previously talked about the importance of keeping your own personal  LinkedIn page up to date and to use it for self-marketing purposes, now it is time to turn our attention to the company LinkedIn page.


Over 750 million of the world’s professionals are present on LinkedIn. These people are relevant for you whether you are a b2b or b2c company as each individual is both a professional and a consumer. When you consider the sheer number, it is mind-blowing: 750 million people!  It would be foolish not to make the most out of your company’s (free!) access to this pool of potential.

Five steps that takes the least effort but give significant results:

  • Define your target audience

Define your target audience and LinkedIn strategy. Is your main audience b2b, b2c or future employees? You can have several target groups, but you need to know who they are in order to organize your page and communication accordingly.

  • Use a sharp and relevant profile picture and banner

This is the most basic and fundamental part of your profile. An image in poor resolution or the lack of an image altogether will send strong signals that you do not care and/or are not a serious business. If you do not care about your own image, why would anyone think that you care about your products, services, clients, or employees? It is a professional network, so keep it professional.

The best dimensions for your profile picture, preferably your logo, is: 300 x 300 pixels, PNG format, and maximum 8 MB

The best dimension for your banner, which can be used more freely to display your company’s brand, is: 1536 x 768 pixels, PNG format and maximum 8 MB

Lastly but most importantly, recognize that this page is an extension of your brand. You are communicating with existing and future customers and employees. In other words, is important to stick to your marketing platform and graphic profile.

  • Create a well-defined tagline

This one-liner is visible directly under your company name. The short sentence should speak directly to the main target audience of your page. Do not make the mistake of assuming that this is not important. Because it is, it is the one sentence that will be directly associated with your company. It should immediately tell your visitor what your company is all about, choose wisely!

  • Be smart with the use of your “About” section

The first section (about 300 words) will be visible for everyone and the rest is only visible for those who click “read more”. Therefore, it is important to focus your first paragraph on content that will draw attention and create an interest to read more about you. This is your sales pitch.

The rest of your “about” text will benefit of getting more to the point, you can use longer and more detailed descriptions of who you are and what you sell.


– Explain who you are

– Tell where you are located

– Describe what products or services you offer

– Communicate your values and your essence

  • Use the power of your employees

Provide your employees with a suitable picture (logo or other picture that speaks your brand) to use in their own banner and encourage them to use it. When a page visitor clicks on “people” to see your employees it will give a great impression and send strong signals of teamwork and professionalism if as many of your employees as possible carry your brand image with them on their own professional profiles.

Furthermore, you can use the great power of your employees to increase your reach. LinkedIn has a function that will notify your employees when you post content to your page, this encourages them to like/share it. It is a great tool that only takes 1 –click.

When you have checked the above boxes, you have completed the most fundamental parts to reassure that your page will look attractive, communicate your brand and speak to your target group. Now you can start posting (relevant and high quality posts) to drive traffic to a LinkedIn page that you are proud of.

Good work and good luck!

The CIP team

Stockholm, 2021-06-09

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