The Candidate Experience

Creating a good candidate experiences is extremely important in today’s job market where the candidates often have the upper hand and can choose between many different opportunities. For that reason recruiters have to think carefully throughout the entire process on how to approach and communicate with the candidates. Leaving a candidate hanging is the worst thing to do for your reputation and brand. Talents pic you!

Most important is to create trust and you do that with continual communication and updates. The good thing with being a recruitment/executive search firm is that you are the middle hand between the customer and the candidate. Therefor it is important to let candidates know that they can be more open with you about concerns regarding e.g. the salary or how to look at an offer from the customer.

Follow these few steps to create a good candidate experience:

  • Don’t wait too long to get back to applicants (even if they won’t be in the process).
  • Be sure to give candidates yours or a colleagues contact information and assign them a contact person to make it easier.
  • Give the candidate a timeline on the process and when you will be able to provide them with feedback.
  • Let them know that it’s okay for them to contact you if e.g. they have any questions or if they are moving forward in other processes.
  • And lastly, make sure that every candidate who was involved in the process receives an update when it’s done.


Stockholm 2020-08-06

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